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Band from the hippie music era that doesn't deserve to be forgotten.

The artists from which have also joined in various other bands such as Humble Pie, Steelers Wheel, Mott the Hoople, and Foreigner

Slightly remnicient of today's "The Darkness".
Girl: "Yeah, I got bored so I started looking through my mom's LPs and found some from a band called Spooky Tooth."

Guy: "Umm okayy..."

Girl: "No, actually, they're pretty good. What'd you do last night?"

Guy: "Listened to some Frank Zappa"

Girl: "Sweet!!"
by bibliophile July 12, 2009
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The location of a single black, brown, or grey tooth located along the gumline usually surrounded by white teeth. Much like a lone tombstone, the spookytooth looks rotten and weathered. Offen referred to as a "dead tooth", the spookytooth generally only makes an appearance when a person smiles. They know it's there, you know it's there, yet they act like it doesn't exist if they don't smile.
Skankyspice looked so hot tonight until she smiled and that spookytooth scared me. She doesn't have a methmouth but I still can't bang her with that tooth staring at me.
by SavageNation August 24, 2009
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when a girl has extremely bad teeth. Similar to a snaggletooth.
Yo, this chick looked hot, until she smiled and flashed her spooky tooth.
by TexasBlake September 09, 2003
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Someone that appears totally normal until they open their mouth, unleashing the spooky tooth. It's usually yellow, festered out and gangly; and usually sticks out in odd places along the gumline.
"I was all ready to give Amanda the sausage last night, until she smiled. Then a big, scary spooky tooth popped out and sent me running for the hills. I thought it was gonna reach out and strangle me."
by Scotty Smith October 30, 2007
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Any person, place, or thing that when you come in contact with you find yourself going "huh?"
I'm glad I found these ripe-ass melons. All the rest were spooky tooth.
by Gemilie August 16, 2006
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