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spookin is a verb for doing sketchy things. When someone ask how you are while inebriated, a normal response would be spookin! It is normally repeated by someone who is in a state of blackout after "doing alcohol". If you ever get asked to go spookin or spook around, I suggests you follow this drunk person and spook hard. Take a phone with you because this will be good for blackmail pictures or videos
Dylan: (on phone) hey I lost you at the bar where did you go
Burns: im spookin at your house
Dylan: nice i'll be there shortly to help you spook
by Eminent Sparkon September 29, 2011
The art form of taking random objects found on the streets or peoples' trash like old t.v.s and dehumidifiers and putting them in a persons yard. You could put signs from main roads or from other peoples yards. Also, you could add some construction cones or random poles and such. Use whatever fuels your fire. You can spook a person you like or don't like, however, make sure that they will get mad if someone spooks their yard. Its more fun that way! :)
Man we went spookin last night and spooked Drew's house real good! Its all over facebook!
by iamking0425 August 11, 2011
A creative way of assisting the word creeping.
Ghosts like to spook, and it's closely related to creeping. So put the two together and you get spookin!
Yeah he was definitively spookin!
by jcherryblossom April 12, 2011
When you trip off dem pills.
1. Mann, dem boyz be spookin of dem thangz!

2. Man i blew so much i was SPOOKIN!

3. Damn son, look at u, u spookin!
by Preacha Truf and Jer Der November 10, 2006