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A website you can eeeeeeeeeeh... listen to music on.
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh, can you listen to NSP on spoofy?
by jthx October 16, 2014
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-A derivative from the word spiffy. Meaning pretty much the same, a mixture of spoofed up and spiffy.
-A word used to exclaim something awesome and unique.
She jumped on top of the car and screamed "By GOD that is the most spooftacular thing I have ever seen, it's SPOOFY"
by DeSiReDPaRaSiTe December 03, 2004
is a the name for a magical speckled gnome of good fortune
the spoofy granted me luck
by scottiepants December 02, 2003
Best word in existence. EX : The Spoofy
Spoofy is Shannon's bitch
by Boy July 25, 2003
The worst word in existence
Spoofy is also my bitch.
when you get head on the toilet while taking a shit
i walked into the bathroom and jenn was on her knees giving davie a spoofy while he was taking a shit
by lyle and yoder June 29, 2006

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