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Noun- an informal word used to identify the knowledge of felon populations

Felonosophy (plural Felonosophies)

A belief or doctrine of felon populations; culture, ideals, beliefs,views, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, barriers
Variable by location
Upheld by the reformed

Philosophy of Felons

basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual from the felons' view of criminal justice and criminology
"All people need a voice of representation; felonosophy is an outlook, a view from the inside out."

"She found a website called, felonosophy dot com and immediately connected with support and resources."

"People will follow what is right and holds true; felons are beginning to view felonosophy as a method of relating socially, without being stigmatized."

"My friend writes to me from solitary confinement and we generate ideas to contribute to the concept of felonosophy."
by MissMisunderstoodKansas June 15, 2013
The opposite of a mackdaddy. A man who tries to portray the image of a confident, suave, ladies man and is actually perceived as a poser, or a joke.

This term also applies to sugar daddies who fall short of the basic standards set forth in a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship. These whackdaddies will want to play the role but only for the perks associated and not because that are true sugar daddy material.
That guy over at the bar is such a whack daddy! He used the oldest line in the book to get my numbert.
by MissMisunderstoodKansas September 04, 2015
To be "spoodge worthy" is to meet the standards (individually, based on personal preferences) to which an ejaculation could, and most likely would, take place.
Your mom is hot and definitely spoodge worthy.
by MissMisunderstoodKansas September 04, 2015
Two men or a group of men, may engage in "bromance" type connections/relationships; making their relations Broic.

Broic- When you click with another dick.

Adjective from the noun bromance

meaning "of or pertaining to"; bromance

Broics- knowledge or practice
"The broic nature of my of husband's coworkers has become a fun topic at the dinner table."

"I feel that broic formed relationships are inappropriate in the workplace."

"He feels left out of the broic atmosphere at the country club."

"Broics is the study of heterosexual men who engage in a bromance."
by MissMisunderstoodKansas June 15, 2013
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