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pronounced: Spoke-less

IPA Pronounciation" s-poh-ke-li-ss

a.) when the ass sphincter loses its ability to shut, ultimately leading to a point where the ass sphincter can no longer hold anything in or keep anything out. Usually a cause of intentional contious over-use, except in cases of denial or malticious intent and that is unfortunate.

Two cures:
A,) With surgery and removal of part of the sphincter it can be tighted again, but it requires much required personal training. Quick yet very painful solution but may require a numbing agent to be bareable.
B.)Person must practice very difficult self-checking and restraint for what may ultimately seem like the rest of your life, to create new SPOKES. May take up to a lifetime to cure.

Precuations to avoid being spokeless:
a.)avoid over use at all costs. There is a point where one becomes aware that somethng has changed yet they can still fix it quick. But it is a slippery slope and the condition can creep on you with you expecting it so beware. Once you lose a spoke, although it must we worked down for a while, once it is gone it must grow back again somewhere unique and new so it will be painfull at first until you practice enough and continously work on developing the spoke.
B.)make even usage of all holes to ensure the constant usage to learn to control of the muscle and for maintannce of that control

Alernate definitions:

a.) an ass that has no grip anymore
b.) a gayman's ass that has been used to a point where the grip of his asshole no longer keeps his shit in and keeps the cock out.
c.)a gayman who intentionally and driven by the urge to have his cake and eat his and your's to, can no longer give anyone pleasure becuase they cant feel anything while he is getting fucked and he can only be pleasured by the next thing that will ultimately end up streching him out even more.

"Ouh Wee, that bitch is SPOKE-less!"

"damn, he gone and lost his spokes, stupid dumbass is spokelss."

"He fucked himself spokeless, bitch got what was coming to him."

"He has got to get his grip back, cuz being spokeless is tragic."

"Spokeless aint pretty."
by Get Bent On It October 29, 2008
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