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Another nickname for the city of Spokane in Washington State USA. This nickname began growing in popularity when some Spokane residents began to notice similarities between their surroundings and the pictures of dusty towns in Afghanistan being shown on TV news.
I'm in Seattle for another week, then it's back to Spokanistan until June
by Stevo! January 04, 2007
Filthy town in eastern Washington with its unmaintained roads, poorly maintained buildings, crime, vagrants, drugs , prostitutes, foreigners and oppressive law enforcement. By no means is it a comparable to southern California crapholes like Compton, Los Angles, Pomona, Rialto, Victorville or San Bernardino but it is by far the armpit of the inland northwest.
Ok kids keep your heads down and the windows up we’re comin into Spokanistan . Stick and move! Get what we need and lets get the hell back across the border.
by Sasquatch75 January 12, 2011
Slang term for the city of Spokane Washington. The name has come about because the city and region of Spokane has the highest populace of Eastern European immigrants. The delightful and intriguing cultural background of the former Soviet-bloc people has lent to the name "Spokanistan" (as in Kazahstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, etc).
Come to Spokanistan. It is nice!
by The Jolly Frenchman January 15, 2009
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