Two fingers in the pink, and two in the stink. Make the "live long and prosper" sign, with two fingers in her pussy and two in her poop-chute.
Damn, that girl was a freak! She was beggin' for the shocker!
by T-Unit February 11, 2005
1. The act of inserting the index plus the middle finger in a woman's vagina while inserting the ring finger and the pinky in her anus.

2. The fourth term in a five term foreplay saying: teaser, pleaser, shocker, spocker, showstopper. usually expressed with hand gestures.
I totally tried to spocker (spock her)last night and I didn't get slapped.
by pdrevenant July 25, 2006
A form of fingering where two fingers are inserted into the vagina and two fingers are inserted into the anus. The fingers used are on one hand making the Spock sign from Star Trek
I used the shocker, the rocker, and the spocker on that chick!
by Dr. Deejay Narnar January 13, 2011
Very similar to the shocker, but using the two in the pink two in the stink method derived from the hand signal Mr. Spock gave on Star Trek.
Only to be used with caution after the shocker has been previously applied.
"That girl was lovin da shocker so much that I had to one up it and gave her the spocker!"
by whitechocolate December 27, 2004
The spocker is a lot like the shocker. Using the index and middle finger in the vagaina, and the ring and pinky fingers in the anus.

Spocker is an advanced technique not for the timid.

If advanced, thumb can be used for courtesey.
I used the spocker on her
by Shayne May 20, 2004
see shocker. Kinda' like the shocker but 2 in da pink and 2 in da stink.
Live Long and Spocker.
by Curtlow April 27, 2003
the extreme version of the shocker...instead of the classic two in the pink one in the stink, You simply seperate your 4 fingers into two pairs like spock from Star Trek, "live long and prosper" hand pose, before inserting two fingers in the coot and two in the boot.
that girl is such a whore i gave her the spocker and she didnt even notice
by Clay Turner June 04, 2005

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