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A spliff/blunt. Meaning a blunt with some tobacco in it.
What I smoked before I wrote this definition. Time to roll another splunt!
by splunted July 27, 2007
The Ultimate insult.
Splunting is when you snob someone,
a splunt is a Bitch or Slag, splunted is angry or annoyed and if you yell SPLUNT its bad..
You Splunted me at lunch....
You Splunt...
Holy Splunt
by Various People at USHS November 16, 2005
A blunt with some tobacco in it, like a spliff. Spliff + Blunt = Splunt
People smoke splunts.
by blaoface March 27, 2007
to cum so much that blood is ejaculated from the penis instead of cum
i splunted your mum - i fucked your mum so much i came blood.
splunt all over your face.
by Orchard Lads September 20, 2008
one time we rolled a blunt that was so fat that it busted in the middle. so we took a spliff paper and wraped it around the blunt. like a blunt bandaid.

"oh shit the blunt ripped"
"put a paper around it"
"sweet its fixed, light that splunt"
by Broncoboat4x4 April 03, 2008
Accidently lighting the filter end of cigerette.
Check out Joe Camel he just splunt his smoke.
by lastcall January 25, 2006
Female porn star vagina mold.
"My brother gave me the Mary Carey splunt for my birthday and boy does it need a good cleaning."
by Chainsman October 13, 2005
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