A teal like color used to sometimes represent unkown veriables ( numbers, letters, words and colors) possibly used to describe things leaving definition to the imagination.
"yo dat shiznaz aint nutin but slorange"

teacher= what is the square root of sixteen
you= i aint be kiddin dat shits splorange

your mom tis super splorange

that dawg is splorange
by codi t October 17, 2005
the action of play video games
girl- i was up all last night sploranging with 3 other guys

dude- i was up all last night sploraging with other people on the internet
by doomsday June 25, 2005
TO play video games.
Girl: I sploranged all night with 3 other guys
Dude: I was up all night sploranging online with 5 people.
by Justin Hurm June 24, 2005

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