splorange | spl-?ôr?nj|

1 The act of walking as a pimp

1 To be pimping

Verb: We sploranged down the hall

Adjective: The splorange man was buying a watch necklace.
by -301925 November 01, 2006
Top Definition
Splorange is the only word that rhymes with orange. I

t is also the sound a wet sponge makes when you throw it against a glass window and then it sliding down making a sweeky sound.

It is also an onomonopia or a word that sounds like how you say it.
Your Friend: "Hey dude, throw that sponge against the window"

You: "Ok!" (It hits the window)

Sponge: "splorange" or "Spppploooooraaaangeeeee"
by JoeGleasssson December 20, 2010
When two people meet in a doorway and keep stepping side to side in the same direction. Continually obstructing each other.
Dude I walked into Marty and we totally sploranged. We didn't get out of each others way for like 5 minutes.
by noeledge June 20, 2013
When two animals of different species get together, make love to each other, and create a baby of unbelievable abominationdom. Created by Ask That Guy (who apparently writes dictionaries) in episode 54 of Ask That Guy With The Glasses so something could rhyme with orange. He also changed the definition of pipe to vagina.
We may now resurrect Dr. Seuss so he can write a rhyming story about oranges. "The Orange With A Splorange." The first children's book with open pornography! :D
by BODTF is Trve Kvlt October 14, 2013
1. a college student who has mounds of homework to do but wastes time instead
2. one who neglects work for entertainment
3. the act of wasting time while pressing matters are at hand
I didn't do my homework, because I am a splorange.
by ittybittycricket April 11, 2007
1. The only word that rhymes with orange.

2. A lesbian act between two female dogs and a female pot-bellied pig.
There was much squealing and growling from the Splorange
by Uthiem February 14, 2008
This word can mean anything; it is up to the discretion of the user. This word exists for the sole purpose of providing a word in English that rhymes with "orange."
Most don't know the meaning of "splorange,"
cause it's just a word that rhymes with "orange."
by Timbotron3000 July 11, 2006
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