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A sex move that is taking campuses across North America by storm. It is the act of playing a multi-player video game with a girlfriend/acquaintance/random girl while doing her from behind. Doggie style is a must as the TV must be visible for both patrons involved.
Did you bang her?

Fuck yeah. We did the split screen for like six fucking hours. First to Mario Party 3 and then Goldeneye. She was Oddjob and I was Baron Samedi.
by El Dufftoro December 18, 2011
multitasking employees proficient at doing several things all at once
Splitscreens can watch C-SPAN streams, talk on the phone, listen to the radio, send instant messages, and read CNN online all at once.
When two couples bang in the same room. Normally associated with drunk nights.
So we were split screening these girls... then it got weird cause he started screen peaking.
by McJon October 15, 2012
A splitscreen is a phenomenon caused by being confused by two members of the opposite (or same) sex.

For example, liking two girls and being confused as to which one to pursue.
"Shit man, I'm lying here in bed, and I got a splitscreen."
"I keep thinking about this splitscreen."
"Chloe and Katy have given me a splitscreen."
by Splitscreen October 14, 2009
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