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A man of sumo proportions yet dextrous enough to throw a razor-hat accurately at a hundred yards.
He's the man! The Man with the deadly hat!
A fatal hat!
by UrbaneDictionary May 03, 2003
1.One of the coolest characters in all of the James Bond movies. Odd Job carries around a hat that can cut through solid granit! He is a body guard for Gold Finger.

2.An assassination hit.
1.(Goldfinger)"Odd Job kill him!"

2."Did you finish that odd job?"
by Hahn Solo May 20, 2005
To jerk off with your thumb facing in, instead of the usual facing out.
Did the ol' oddjob last night, it felt weird.
by TooManyGames November 01, 2006
the husband or prison-bitch of Mary Pele. Leeching money off of her in an attempt to not work a minimum wage job for the rest of his life.
God I'm glad I'm not as pathetic as Oddjob
by :tbear: March 16, 2003
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