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A phrase that can only be used once a month for just about anything. Men have dubbed Splish as 'The God Word' and even 'Einstiens Law of Everything'. Invented in East London in 2008 by Nate and Dan the word has quickly gained international recognision for it flexible usage and devestating blow to the human Psych, with one holy man demanding that it be featured in all holy scripture as the term had the ability to heal the dead.

WARNING over usage of the word splish may cause heat failure, liver disease, face cancer, diahorria, broken limbs, athletes foot, death and STD's
Combine Splish in any phrase, sentance or state on its own
by NateDoDoubleG April 14, 2011
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When you're taking a shit... a splish is a piece of poo that hits the toilet water and causes a splash, possibly getting various parts of your ass wet.
Ahhh that damn splish got shitwater all over my ass cheeks
by I M A Dogg December 08, 2007
Splish: Meaning dapper. Usually referring to menswear. Having a style so free and easy that nothing could be crisper than the starch on that mans shirt.

Used in unison with Statue because it's so timeless. Splish like a statue: meaning timeless style.

First used in Australia by the Jefferson Boys, Perth circa 1989.

A term used to recognize discernibly dressed men of like minded style.
"He's so splish, like a statue. Where'd he get that suit?"
by CrayCray777 September 15, 2013
A splish is a small splash. Usually of a small object hitting water with good force.
like a pebble being tossed into a lake, makes a 'splish' sound.
by Mr. Midnight May 28, 2013
adj. a male who prefers drinks typically associated with females over traditionally male spirits; girl-drink drunk
Your buddy is always drinking Appletinis and Fuzzy Navels; is he a splish?
by Fred Christopher April 07, 2009
Dick sucker Josh...Potomac Fallz HS
"Splish is a pickle smoking, tube steak eater."
by Regis is poop April 06, 2005

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