The sexy bulge in a girl's bikini or shirt that appears to be nearly busting out of it's confinement.
Did you see the splidge lines on that girl?
by Waynems April 14, 2011
A short burst of controllable intense excitement. Consistent with a thick and juicy slug (usually sperm) sneaking slowly out of the end of the penis.

This is not to be confused with Splurge which is much more rapid and uncontrollable.
Ahhh-ooohhhhh... mmmhhhh I just did a cheeky little splidge... in my pants.... pretty moist down there now.
At least it wasn't a splurge that could of been dangerous!

M: Hey Sugar, what do you think about me having a little splidge tonight?
W: Mmh I fancy a bit of splidging, havn't enjoyed that cheeky slug in a while.
by Brazzers January 27, 2014
A large rolled marijuana cigarette.
Usually composed in a mix of 70% marijuana and 30% tobacco.
Originated on the streets of Bondi.
That splidge got me soo high.

Who is rolling the next splidge.

We will be needing a splidge after this gig.

Roll that splidge and get this party started.
by Goldy Goldy January 24, 2012
The funk that accumulates under the scrodum after vigorous perspiration. Close relative to swamp ass.
"I must take a shower. After that work-out I have a large amount of Splidge build up."
by r. brizzle January 31, 2006
The puss that penetrates through the shaft onto the balls after extreme exhaustion.
The amount of splidge that chick had on her face made me ralph!
by Matt Dillon March 09, 2006

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