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Alternative term for being married (Shropshire origin?) Originating from the act of splicing two bits of film together.
"Hey Helen, when are getting spliced?"
"um...I'm working on him!"
by jenjones March 04, 2010
Severly fucked up on multiple drugs. Term taken from the Outkast cd, Aquemini.
Man I drank some liqour and smoked a blunt. I'm spliced!
by BigDaddyKyle January 19, 2004
this word, contrary to more common knowledge, does not mean to fuse. but in actuality, it means NOTHING. it is UNDEFINED, much like 0 over 0 (%). but furthermore, anyone with half a brain can realize what such a word means. look at examples below.
"splice it the fuck up"
"i am so spliced"
"spliced % undefined"
by Senor DeHou February 26, 2005

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