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A Splash-N-Dash is when a person (usually male) goes to someone's house for a quick booty call & then leaves immediately after. A Splash-N-Dash usually occurs on a Sunday but can happen any day of the week.
Preston: "Hey Nate, you weren't gone for very long, must have been another splash-n-dash Sunday?"
by TrinityStar_07 February 24, 2010
The act of using mouth rinse when running late instead of brushing, normally on your way out of the house, often just spitting the rinse into a potted plant or outside in the grass while entering your car.
Guy1: "Forgot to brush! My mouth feels like I've been licking Amy Winehouse."

Guy2: "Dude you're lucky you have a hotel size Scope in your hand."

Guy1: "I know right? Splash N' Dash. Cheers. "

(Guy1: *Splash N' Dashes*)
by J2 J2 January 13, 2010
Another term for a quick sex session, commonly said by males.
Beatrice: "Oooh I'm feeling a bit horny, have we got time??!"

Jeffrey: "We'll have to be quick, just a splash'n'dash."
by Jefferz212 June 17, 2009
A term used to discribe either

1. a shower that lasts less then a few minutes
2. having a piss really quickly
3. missing the toilet seat whilst having a piss then quickly running off
Brb just gunna have a splash n dash

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