it means to cum or ejaculate
Hold on i am about to splarf.
by varooka May 18, 2009
Top Definition
A combination of the word "spit" and "barf".
Used to describe the action of spitting/barfing any drink or fluid.
Stacy was drinking her gatorade and when i told a funny joke she almost splarfed the gatorade all over the place!
by blondiiiii247 March 28, 2010
Poorly aimed barfing that results in "splash back" ending up on the barfer's face or clothing.
Jill was so hammered she splarfed in the toilet, ruining her makeup.
by Labradoodle February 28, 2009
A Brain fart.
"So there I was at the grocery store.........".... "I totally just splarfed what I was saying."
by Magic Motion April 12, 2009
It's what a small baby spits up. Milk- and saliva-based goo.
Sweet Pea just splarfed on Olive's shoulder again!
by Dave January 21, 2004
Playing in a puddle of puke.


The noise vomit makes when playing or jumping in it.
Johnny jumped in the vomit and it made a splarf noise.
by astrozombie27 March 07, 2011
After taking a crap, barfing into the toilet with the crap still sitting in it.
Jimbo killed a 30 pack on his way to Cape May and was so drunk that splarfed in Ms. Prino's bathroom.
by Sean February 14, 2005
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