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An anus that has been ruptured, torn or in extreme cases mutilated.

Results from anal penetration (see SIIMA) where the encroaching object (often the penis) has proven to be too colossol for the given anus.
Conversely, the anus may just be inadequate; this matter is subjective.

Can also result from uncommon excretory patterns if the given anus cannot withstand the extensive girth/width of the excrement.

Originates from "split anus" despite new developments suggesting that "splattered anus" would be more appropriate.

Again one must use one's discretion.
Bob: "Mate me and jenny tried anal yesterday!"
Jim: "Serious?? How'd it go?"
Bob: "Was a bit awkward.. i gave her a splanus"

Luke: "Had a mare on the shitter yesterday mate"
Dan: "what was it too sloppy?"
Luke: " the opposite! It was MASSIVE, i've got a fucking splanus!"
by Splanus November 08, 2011
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