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When one talks absolute crap, or tries to define something vut gets it completely wrong.
Jacob: i got so pissed last night i fell down the stairs and broke my foot, but still got up and walked to the hospital.

Kyran: Man, stop chatting splang.
by ThegreenTurd February 06, 2011
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A splang is another name for a cannabis joint. Probably a mix of the words 'spliff' and 'jang', can also be lengthened to 'splaringe' if the speaker is going out of their way to be obscure.
"this club is pants, i'm gonna nip outside and skan a splang"
by natrl March 25, 2010
A term used in computing and other technical areas, incluing watch making.
To go 'splag' is to break in such a way as to be repairable but only is all the parts can be found after they have exploded into corners of the room. In the context of computing and software information goes 'splang'to un-defined locations, Hardware goes splang in the physical context.

People and other organic object can go splang, however this usually requires a device such as a land mine, grenade, or fire cracker placed in the mouth while drunk.
The winding spring whent 'splag'.

The registry whent 'splang'.

Jhon's head whent 'splang'.
by bobinog May 03, 2006

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