1. Name of a sex act performed by first, having anal sex and releasing ejaculate into the anus and then sucking the ejaculate out of the anus with a straw (see Feltching) and finally spitting the ejaculate into the mouth of a third party.
"After Feltching my woman, I like to sneak a Spitting Cobra in on my roommate while he's sleeping."
by obie March 11, 2006
Top Definition
After you successfully jerkoff in a public area (such as class), you then proceed to:
take the jizz that is in your hand,
pull your arm back like your going to throw a baseball and then shake your hand around a little bit,
launch the semen (using a spiderman style throw) towards someone's eye.
If it hits a chick directly in the eye, you then stand up and proceed to yell

After Sler jerked off Karl in class, he took the semen that was in his hand, threw it at the dish, blinded her, and then stood up and exclaimed SPITTING COBRA!!!!!!!!!
by Lunch Box, aka, LB March 08, 2006
The act of spitting tobacco spit into someone's eyes, temporaryily blinding the person and causing them extremely intense pain.
Joe walked right up to cal and pulled a spitting cobra when he spit his dip right into cal's eyes
by jake5794 January 19, 2012
After a male has ejaculated, he takes a piss in which the urine is sticky. Therefore when he is done and shakes the urine flys around but flys back onto his penis.
Robert have you ever had a spitting cobra after sex?
Demetrius yea, but mines more of a vicious black mamba.
Robert Nice
by Papa Loud May 04, 2014
The act of killing a snake of any variety, de-bowling it, inserting ones penis into the new condom like skin (dick head inside the mouth) and proceed to jerk off/ have intercourse with something/someone, after said action open its mouth if not already open and proceeding to ejaculate.
"dude i was out camping last weekend and found a snake. so i made a spitting cobra out of it and jerked off"
by rghrbogbaroy February 05, 2013
A man, by any method, approaches orgasm, and either by his hand or someone elses, pulls the skin of his shaft down hard squeezing tightly, making his urethra point straight ahead at almost a 90 degree angle, and ejeculates, sending thick jets of Cobra venom, preferably all over the mammary glands of an attractive young woman/ women.
Person A: "...Do you want to see a Spitting Cobra?"

Person B: "Ooohhh, that sounds scary, let me see!"

The girl rammed her hand quickly down the shaft squeezing hard to give herself a dose of the deadly Spitting Cobra
by callingdom May 16, 2008
While you are doing your girl doggy style, just before you cum, you pull out while quietly spitting on her back, she then turns around to ask if you came, that is your cue to fire your load in her eyes!
Me: "Oh, baby I am about to cum!"(as I am spitting on her back)
Hot Girl: "Really?"(as she turns to face my spitting cobra)
Me: (firing my load in her eyes as a spitting cobra would there prey!)
Hot Girl: "My eyes! My eyes! I can't see!" (screaming)
by Chad Erwin Helton March 19, 2008
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