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Spidercloud is a popular Northern English folk band. members include Karen, Jenny, Ashley, Adam etc. Famed for their open air band rehearsals and gigs in a certain graveyard. They are currently producing their debut album, and a musical.
Songs such as Herd of a Hundred Horses, Eternal Death, Wisdom of the Tree, Wormfood etc. Spidercloud rocks man.
by Jenny Spider May 17, 2007
Spidercloud... English folk band. Hits include 'Eternal Death', 'Ghosts can't play guitar', 'Herd of a hundred horses'. Currenly making a musical. Hold frequent gigs in graveyard. Famous for not doing drugs. Check out
Rock on Spiders!! Peace to the world!

Spidercloud rocks man.
by Jenny Spider January 20, 2007
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