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Spider that is your bro.
Spider that brings bug count in house/room to near 0
Dies horrible death
Never forget.
My mom killed my spiderbro so i raged on her
by Tarzann June 28, 2010

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A spider who is one of your bros. He is a true bro too, not one of those fake hoes.
Spider bro, Spider bro, Does whatever a spider bro does.
Saves you cash, gets you ass! Yes he does, cause hes a bro
Look out! Here comes your spider bro!
by OHHwell November 05, 2010
A bro (friend) that does a favor for you without asking.

Spider Man anticipates danger, a Spider Bro anticipates the needs of a fellow bro.
John: Damn I gotta alotta things to do today.

Joe: Chill out bro, I already picked up your dry cleaning and

returned your movies!

John: Thanks alot spider bro!
by magana91 July 19, 2011