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A sexual position where the male inserts his penal object into the breastulare corals (may be commonly referred to as cleavage) and achieves orgasmic fusion as the female makes a licking or sucking motion on the male's testicles.
Jeff's busty ginger girlfriend suggested the spider monkey position after the missionary position got old.
by pussypunker December 31, 2010
15 27
A derogatory term used to describe an underweight person with spindly limbs and/or disproportionate facial features.
Georgette: "Barbara is looking too skinny these days."
Candace: "Tell me about it. She's a fucking Spider Monkey."
by Quattrodeuce September 24, 2009
27 40
The act of distracting your partner yelling "SPIDER MONKEY" so that you can jizz all over their face.
Spider Monkey That Hoe!
by Jimmy Longshot January 14, 2010
22 36
A term used in Talladega Nights. Meaning an attack of animal rage.

Also a term used to discribe an intermural team and group of people on MSU's campus in KY. After watching the movie it bacame a rage and everyone wants to be a MG spidermonkey.
"I'm gonna come at you like a spidermonkey"
"Look at you spidermonkeys!"
"Spidermonkeys are awesome and Peguins suck!"
by Msuspidermonkey September 07, 2006
5 19
horn dog...somebody who is VERY horny!
your new girlfriend is a spidermonkey
by courtney f. March 15, 2005
8 23
When a girl gives 2 handjobs and a blowjob to three different guys, while having sex with a fourth guy at the same time.
Dude me, Jim, Andy, and James Spider Monkeyed Amy last night
by Kpahx October 28, 2010
27 46
A label, usually said to describe someone who likes rock, metal and/or punk music. Usually grunge music.

Used as an insult by some, used as a compliment by others.

Also linked to: grungers, rockers, moshers
Oi! You spidermonkey!
by TwoFingersMcLucky April 13, 2004
1 22