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Adds a new school twist to the classic Hot Carl / Hot Carlos. Step 1. Eat large, spicy ethnic meal (use Ethiopian or Kenyan food for best results). Step 2. Find sleepy / passed out vagrant. Step 3. Gently place a sheet of saran wrap over his / her mouth. Step 4. Drop trou and lay a spicy coiler over and into the saran wrap. Step 5 (optional). If you are feeling daring and aroused, style points can be added by pushing your dick through the poop and breaking the saran wrap barrier. Step 6. Profit!
Man, did you see the hobo out side the office this morning? Looks like someone pulled a "Spicy Vagrant" on him last night.

Damn, I feel terrible today, I passed out at the party last night and someone laid a "spicy Vagrant" on me. Fuckers!
by El Guappo June 11, 2009
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