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The incredibly sexy, smart and loved combination of a ginger and a brunette. They are still technically gingers because of there lack of soul but are much friendlier and less annoying than true gingers. The other main difference between gingers and spicy browns is there lack of freckles.

Other definitions include a sexy Indian, crazy black person, or type of spicy mustard.
Julia Roberts is the best spicy brown actress in the world. She is way better than any ginger.

Hey man, check out that spicy brown. She could be the star in any of my Bollywood movies.

Yo dude. Stay away from that guy. he's a spicy brown.

Can I get some spicy brown mustard on my hot dog.
by Spicy Brown99 February 04, 2014
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Malavika Nair and Chetna Prasad are the defenition of Spicy Brown.
by gypsie-lalaLAlaLala June 23, 2010
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