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3 definitions by gypsie-lalaLAlaLala

The action of sucking a hot beverage hot chocolate through a tim tam cookie. The flavor is possibly the best thing in the world.
In global class today, Eunu, Julia and I skipped class to tim tam slam.
by gypsie-lalaLAlaLala March 02, 2010
A person who watches the ALL of their tv on hulu.com. They most likely have an account and are subscribed to a wide array of tv shows. They are obsessed with watching all the new episodes of their favorite tv show, and become extremely upset when reruns are posted as new episodes.
Malu was fell asleep in class today because she stayed up all watching all the shows on her subscription last night. What a hulu junkie!
by gypsie-lalaLAlaLala April 28, 2010
a really hot indian person
Malavika Nair and Chetna Prasad are the defenition of Spicy Brown.
by gypsie-lalaLAlaLala June 23, 2010