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A special pickle: a person who is beyond special. This person has many odd quirks and behaviors that make you question why you are friends with him/her until you remember that he/she is always good for a laugh.
--Why does Beth always put things on her head?
--I don't know, she's a spickle.
by Shmaybes December 15, 2010
n. The semen that trickles from the women's vagina after she has had intercourse.
I smiled as I felt the spickle tickle my pussy, reminding me of the fabulous romp we had last night.
by Berry Flomar January 15, 2004
A spickle is a device used to clean resin out of a weed pipe. Usually a metal rod, 2-3mm thick and 5-6 inches long with a small decorative handle at the top end.
Hey brah, My pipe is clogged, do you have a spickle?
by KaDubYa March 23, 2016
When there is some visible saliva on your lip.
"Cathy, you've got some spickle on your...yeah, you've got it."
by Michael Bishop September 27, 2005
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