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The act of smoking so much spice your brain swells up the size of a balloon. Reference to "Air Balloon" or "Big headead nigga"
Jason: Can you believe Tom sucked Chris's dick just to smoke a bit of that spice?
Scott: Naw, he'd do it for free anyway. Head swelln nigga
by Spicey J September 21, 2010
someone who thinks they smoked pot and think theyre cool cause they did but really they smoked oregano
boy 1: johnny was telling me about how he was so high last night, but he was sold oregano
Boy 2: haha that god damn spicehead he acts all cool cause he thinks hes smokin pot
by ertnsdfgdz February 21, 2010
someone who cant smoke weed so now they smoke pep spice 24/7
yeah u know that guy Zac
hes such a spice head
by zzzzzzzzaaaaaaaccccccc August 19, 2010
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