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someone so don, his only enemy is chuck norris
girl 1: ive had the best orgasm ever!!
girl 2: was it over speters?
girl 1: actually no, it was over NEW7ON, but speters is still don
by kanye-west's-inspiration June 13, 2009
When something is so awesome you just have to shout 'speters' out loud.

Can also be a name to a very awesome male that gets only with everyone.
Person 1: Wow, look at that guy spitting bars.
Person 2: SPETERS!

Girl 1: Man, I love Speters so much.
Girl 2: I know, he's so dreamy.
Girl 1+2: SPETERS!
by SamDon June 01, 2009
1. The name of someone stupid.

2. What you say when something is really horrible, like really bad.
1. Person 1: "Is he a retard?"
Person 2: "No its just a speters."
Person 1: "Oh that explains it."

2. "OMG this chocolate bar tastes speters"
by Smelly Sock Man June 06, 2009