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Sexy greek with large biceps and has no form and is acwardly good in carless and clumsy way and is a great lover tends to be the best you ever have
Some one who works hard a gets results is a Spero
by JimmerRanger March 14, 2011
1. A particular Greek who enjoys Nirvana, tennis, souvlaki and fetta cheese.
2. A word, or name, that is very enjoyable to say.
1. Stop being such a Spero and take that damn souvlaki outta your mouth!
2. Daniel: So, what do you think of modern society?
Paul: Mmmmmm...spero.
by Signor Spero August 25, 2007
when one does something clumsy or careless
2 people walking in the park...
Person A trips and falls
Person B: You Just Pulled a Spero!
by mr.organized22 January 03, 2010

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