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A woman who as anal sex so much her belly is filled with sperm
Jim: Kelly take's up the butt so much her guts must be filled with sperm.
Mike: Yeah! She's just a little sperm belly.
by Jones1082 April 18, 2010
some slizzo that swallows without question
That spermbelly over there doesn't miss a drop
by el guapo October 07, 2003
A woman with a pooch belly who may be mistaken for a prostitute/stripper; A man with a pooch belly who looks/acts overtly gay.
Wow, who was that sperm belly you were talking to, Ray?
I don't know, but I think he wanted to give me hickies on my back!
by ashleeloulou June 20, 2011
It when the biatch gives som much head and swallows that the only thing in the belly is sperm, hence sperm belly
by Vlad February 16, 2003
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