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When a woman gives a blowjob to mulitple partners within moments of eachother.

Hence collecting a variety of semen in her stomach, creating a sperm milkshake in her stomach.
Killator: "hey trigg why did you stop dating that one broad?"
Trigga: "Oh she was a real Sperm Milkshake"
Killator: "yeah but that's why i thought you two were a great couple"
Trigga: "hey fuck you man, you didnt have to kiss her.."
Killator: "true dat"
Trigga: "anyway, have you been the grocery store lately?"
Killator: "Naw, it's a real corpse circus in there"
by Grimm Rapper April 13, 2010
A milkshake consisting of 2 parts semen to 1 part ice cream, blended and served with a bendy straw and a cocktail umbrella.
I could really go for one of Eric's famous sperm milkshakes right now!
by missanthropee December 21, 2010

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