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The act of cumming in ones anus. The intent is the "Pre-Act" to Felching.
After Mary finished tossing my salad she attemped to Felch me, but how could she? Tom had yet to Spelch in my ass.
by Red Dragon October 10, 2003
9 11
Pronunciation: \'spelch\
Function: verb

Etymology: Early 21st Century evolution from the Old English 'spebealcan' before 12th century
|Intransitive verb|

1 : to expel gas suddenly from the stomach through the mouth accompanied with previously ingested sperm.
Upon completion of an angry blow-job, Samantha spelched in Rod's face.
by MaddDad February 20, 2014
3 0
The sound two bodies make on bumping into each other on uncovered fleshy areas.
And when they bumped into each other, the stomachs spelched! or I go to the gym to spelch with the cute looking chickies.
by Satz September 13, 2006
6 7
Insipid, often depraved musings from the class of literati who gratuitously wield their shadow as an exhibitionistic means of auto-eroticism.
George's disillusionment with the mundane and his occult fascinations are coupled to inspire a peculiar brand of spelch, the latest form of which is a vaguely humorous rant on the virtues of blood-letting.
by Andros Hyperion August 01, 2003
2 11