The sound two bodies make on bumping into each other on uncovered fleshy areas.
And when they bumped into each other, the stomachs spelched! or I go to the gym to spelch with the cute looking chickies.
by Satz September 13, 2006
Top Definition
Pronunciation: \'spelch\
Function: verb

Etymology: Early 21st Century evolution from the Old English 'spebealcan' before 12th century
|Intransitive verb|

1 : to expel gas suddenly from the stomach through the mouth accompanied with previously ingested sperm.
Upon completion of an angry blow-job, Samantha spelched in Rod's face.
by MaddDad February 20, 2014
The act of cumming in ones anus. The intent is the "Pre-Act" to Felching.
After Mary finished tossing my salad she attemped to Felch me, but how could she? Tom had yet to Spelch in my ass.
by Red Dragon October 10, 2003
Insipid, often depraved musings from the class of literati who gratuitously wield their shadow as an exhibitionistic means of auto-eroticism.
George's disillusionment with the mundane and his occult fascinations are coupled to inspire a peculiar brand of spelch, the latest form of which is a vaguely humorous rant on the virtues of blood-letting.
by Andros Hyperion August 01, 2003
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