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This is where someone dislikes something that is living because it isn't a human
People who don't like animals(have a right to)
Her: i hate all animals they are so dumb
Him: dont be speciest, they are all alive, they just are not in the 'human species catagory'.

Her: smack*
Him: dont smack the dog.he did not do anything wrong,
Her: its just a dog
Him: she is still alive and can feel pain, don't be speciest!
by The Universe is Purple May 26, 2015
Anyone who believes that certain species are above others.

Animal rights activists think that most humans are speciest against animals like cows, and while it may be true, most of them are speciest against humans.
Me: I think if I had to kill a snail to save a human being, I would.
PETA Member: How dare you! That speciest! I would kill fifty humans with medieval torture devices just to spare a slug half a second of discomfort!
by mh_34 November 30, 2009
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