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verb, the act of grabbing ones ear while giving oral and ramming ones penis into their partners thoart
thomas's girlfreind pissed him off early so he waited till she was giving him head then grab her ears and rammed his penis into the back of her thoart spearing her viciously
by TCWalsh April 19, 2010
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when two people run from either side of a room, jump in the air and try to insert a genital into the other person while still in mid-air.
"i almost broke my dick off last night spearing the gymnastics instructor"
by yinzer412 November 06, 2009
When someone ussualy named Nathan is constantly flirting with someone and making it extremley obvious.
Look at Nathan He is spearing Mackenzie.
by coolness29 March 20, 2011
1) the unknown sport of taking spears and driving in pick up trucks and high speeds and throwing spear like objects into signs.
me and a bunch of friends got drunk last night and went spearing in curry's truck.
by John Jamelske May 10, 2006
to insert 1 man's penis into another man's anus
tim saw gav and ben spearing
by chaber October 15, 2006
The act of waking your significant other by ramming your penis inside one of their orifices while screaming "Huzzah".
Girl 1: "Hey you look really tired today"
Girl 2: "Yea my boyfriend decided to try spearing me this morning"
by Dr Pepperoni March 09, 2015

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