An innocent-looking kitchen utensil commonly used to flip burgers which is actually part of an evil cult known as Spatualism. Spatulas are also in league with cats and spatuals, which are spatulas with eyes. The Catula is said to be the leader of the cats and spatulas. Fortunately, one can protect oneself against this menace by donning SXIPPG (Sporus Xylogenous Inhibitor Precautionary Protection Getup) gear, which consists of a frying pan/bowl/Santa hat as headwear, an empty bin bag for body protection, sunglasses and oven gloves. It is thought that cat-spatula information exchange is initiated by the cat rubbing its head against the spatula.
Warn all of your friends about the spatula menace.
by Wormy December 22, 2003
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n. A woman who turns straight men gay
"It starts out okay, but I always turn them over; I'm a spatula"
by Brett June 26, 2003
When a male reaches between his legs for some good old ball sweat, thereafter promptly makes the shape of a spatula with his hand and yells "SPATULA" and smacks a friend or unsuspecting stranger in the face.
I reared back an "spatulad" dat hoe.
by Strum_4 March 11, 2008
1.A cooking utensil used to flip food usually eggs.

2. a synonym for a large amount
1. SpongeBob uses a spatula to flip burgers
2. Rob has a spatula of work today, he has to clean the dishes, mop the floor, walk his dog, and drive his mom to the store.
by cscpegan December 14, 2009
A gay man or woman who turns a straight person gay.
Person 1: Did you see the way he was hooking up with that straight guy?
Person 2: Yeah, he's got mad game.
Person 1: Definitely a spatula

Ex: Preston from the Real World - total spatula
by boysgotgame October 12, 2010
A straight woman who either decides to attempt to "flip" a gay man straight or the last woman to date a gay man before he comes out.
Becky met Scott in a gay bar. She is such a spatula!
by HelenTheRaccoon May 28, 2014
When a homosexual person manages to date a straight person, and the former heterosexual now identifies as gay.
Ben is a spatula- all of his ex boyfriends were straight, until he came along. Even his current boyfriend is a pancake .
by Nopenopenope November 07, 2013
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