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An adjective describing the quality of a food one craves that cannot be accurately described with other adjectives. A word describing the craving for something specific, yet unknown.
I'm craving something spatchy
by Happy Bees April 16, 2011
Portmanteu of speculative and sketchy, used when a source is unreliable or cannot be trusted.
Geek 1: Dude, did you see that Carol Danvers is going to be in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

Geek 2: Yeah, but that source was really spatchy.
by af632 August 17, 2012
Interesting, whereby people in old, patched up clothes look interesting because the patches add color. Usually used in conjunction with clothes, but can apply to almost anything.
"Your new blazer is quite spatchy and keen, especially in this light!"
by Noise Tank January 02, 2005
Online site for like minded people to gather. Chat-room for chating with fellow spatchers, and forums for sharing views and discussions, share music videos, and pictures. A difference is that unlike other forums where the members never met, spatchy organises activities for members to meet.
I'm going to spatchy to see what's happening over there.
by yugekib December 22, 2010
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