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The artful blending of the Spanish and Japanese languages.
While at the Japanese hibachi restaurant in Colorado Springs, which has a large Hispanic population, the Mexican hibachi chef blended Spanish and Japanese in an awkward combination thus spawning the new language of Spapanese.

Domo Arigato, Amigo !!
Buenas Dias, Konichiwa !!
by He Who Loves Rachel August 07, 2011
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Person with one parent from Japan and the other of hispanic orgin
Damyo Rodriguez is spapanese
by Fizzle Dizzle November 16, 2003
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The act of speaking Spanish and Japanese at the same time: interchangably, or complimentary.
When speaking to a Japanese and Spanish audience you use the Spapanese language so all follow.
by Julian Phillipeson May 07, 2004
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