The space anus. Also refering to 'zoning out' and losing touch with reality if for a fewseconds or a minute.
Dude, that shit looks like the Spanus!

Did you just get sucked into the spanus?
by Nick Farace January 10, 2004
Top Definition
The space between your asshole and ball sack. It is a combination of the words space and anus; Thus representing the two most important words from the aforementioned sentence.
Dude last night that whore Roxanne was giving me a rim-job while simultaneously tickling my spanus.
by jimmyb's March 11, 2010
The spine anus. The dreaded condition is found in amateur and sometimes professional artwork when the artist places the butt hole too high.
"Hey, look at this new piece of art!"
"Dude, that shot suffers a huge case of spanus"
by Sonderjen December 28, 2007
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