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A section of East Harlem which is inhabited by mostly Puerto Ricans
All dem ricans live in spanish harlem
by $iKwItIt May 29, 2005
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The small area of Annapolis, where West St., Calvert St., and Cathedral St. converge. In this small, but locally well known, location is the Department of Human Resources, where welfare recipients come to collect their checks. It can be quite the eyesore in the mornings to see all of the poor blacks of Annapolis loitering in their poor fitting clothes, doing absolutely nothing constructive.

It is quite ironic that such an area of Annapolis exists, considering that some of the richest people in the US live there, and the cost of living is so high that the people that plague this area probably aren't doing too well.
"You walked into town on West St.?? I hope you didn't walk through Spanish Harlem... It's difficult to make it up here without being confronted by crack whores trying to scrounge up some dough for more shit."
by radiant_sc2 September 25, 2006
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A pale lanky skinny white kid.

ME: "Hey Spanish Harlem, you are teh gay."
JARED: " Moon crater. "
by Bobo January 06, 2005
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