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A random 'spam' call from a company that doesn't leave information about what they are calling for. This burns up cell phone minutes you are paying for.
Ex: This is the 3rd damn Spall I've had today. I am expecting important phone calls, but I just keep getting Spalled!"

Usually a call from a 208 or 703 area code. This information can be found on websites that address these irritating phone calls.
by sunsetat6 March 25, 2009
12 5
The word used to replace "Spell" when mocking someone and their inability to spell correctly
Idiot number one: dude your a retarad

Idiot number two: Says the kid who can't even spall retard correctly
by J BIEB LOVR January 25, 2012
1 0
Used in place of profane words in chat rooms. A male who is slapping his balls.
SPALLS..... That chick was HOT!
by Badnips July 22, 2010
2 1