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Spaghetti Cat is a picture of a cat eating spaghetti (duh) that was first featured in the "Morning Show with Mike and Juliet".
It appeared as a random image which interrupted a lady in mid-sentence discussing 'women and binge drinking'
It has also been discussed on The Soup and various other websites.

The only explanation given was that it was a "bleep photo"...and there's "more of those in the future." Brilliant.

Ultimately, no one knows of it's true origins. (yet)
- "IT SOBERED ME UP SEEING HOW-" insert spaghetti cat here

- The new 'Rick Roll'.

- Appears in the new Fall Out Boy music video "I Don't Care".

- Spaghetti cat again appears in the youtube video "Spaghetti Cat (I Weep For You)"

- And finally, Spaghetti Cat has appeared in random images circulating the internet, such as replacing Jesus in 'The Last Supper', etc.
by lowenbajowen January 14, 2009
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