A slang word used in arguments and insults
Dude im gonna spafe you in the ass in a min if you dont shut up

I'd love to spafe her in the ass
by Anonymous March 06, 2003
Top Definition
Especially safe
K: hey
G: hey
Me: hey, you guys are pretty darn spafe.
by H-meister April 27, 2010
Spontaneous... yet safe.
"That was a spafe decision."
by Grungey April 06, 2003
a term similar to safe, a general greeting.
sometimes used to inform someone a spoon is safe
hey man does this spoon have poison on it

nah its a spafe (safe spoon)
by ketimine rich June 18, 2008
A word used by townies or a chav(s).
It is a greeting and a word not to be taken and used when joking around. It is serious. When used near some townies You can be beat up. I find you can also be beat up if you call them gay ass twasms.
The hand action for spafe is that like of safe but said differently.
Alright mate.
yea spafe.
Abv. To be special (as in mentally retarded) and safe (referring to character attributes).

That guys spafe! He may be a retard but you can damn sure as hell rely on him!
by Tesfurdo August 25, 2006
Used to describe foolish actions or people.
Also, a word used, often shouted at random particularly by Boston Spa musicians.
"Silly remi, spafe!"
"Awww, Spafe!"
by Lucy Remi January 09, 2004
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