Spadge is a term coined in the Scottish kilt hire industry for dried semen on a returned hire kilt. It is derived from a contraction of the words "spunk badge".
"They asked me to clean the spadge off that Hunting Smith with a wire brush, so I told them where they could stick their job" - Sonia, an ex-employee of a kilt-hire company.
by Tumshie April 30, 2010
Likes it up the bottom
His queer and likes spadge
by Marvin August 19, 2003
My opinion is practical
it's not cool just because someone says it is. e.g
"i heard that new film is awesome."
"nah, that's spadge!"
by Spadge Loski March 08, 2004

Person with more hair on their chin then head.

Here look at that bloke it looks like he put his head on upside down
by 50 Cent August 21, 2003
Actually, a spadge is a short, chubby dyke
Rosie O'Donnel
by Evil Tim August 04, 2003

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