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Spadge is a term coined in the Scottish kilt hire industry for dried semen on a returned hire kilt. It is derived from a contraction of the words "spunk badge".
"They asked me to clean the spadge off that Hunting Smith with a wire brush, so I told them where they could stick their job" - Sonia, an ex-employee of a kilt-hire company.
by Tumshie April 30, 2010
55 25
Likes it up the bottom
His queer and likes spadge
by Marvin August 19, 2003
6 24
My opinion is practical
it's not cool just because someone says it is. e.g
"i heard that new film is awesome."
"nah, that's spadge!"
by Spadge Loski March 08, 2004
4 23

Person with more hair on their chin then head.

Here look at that bloke it looks like he put his head on upside down
by 50 Cent August 21, 2003
5 24
Actually, a spadge is a short, chubby dyke
Rosie O'Donnel
by Evil Tim August 04, 2003
6 28