A fool. A Flibberdy Jibbert

A Spackman is always wrong, yet believes they are right. Always loses arguments and sulks afterwards.
Rupert - Hey Luke, why are you telling James he is wrong? What proof do you have?
Luke - Well, He's a Spackman.
Rupert - Nuff said.
by Wordsmith Ru February 03, 2009
Top Definition
The term 'Spackman' usually refers to a highly attractive male, with a six-pack (commonly known as a spack-pack). Although highly attractive, a Spackman can occasionally lack intelligence (hence the term 'spack'), however Spackmen are generally charming, witty and funny creatures :)
Nathan: Why doesn't that girl fancy me?!
Hayley: Duh. You're not a Spackman!
Nathan: How do I become a Spackman?
Hayley: *Looks at Nathan* Never going to happen.
by Barclay Crayfish September 01, 2010
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