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A person who when done masturbating, without a condom on will wipe their semen/vaginal secretions on whatever is around them ; walls, furniture , blankets, toys, clothes ect...
1. Eww this doorknob is all sticky, it fells like someone spackled(verb form) it.
2. Looks like a Spackler got to your shirt man, theirs all this white sticky stuff all over it.
When your fucking a chick in the doggystyle position and your have her face flush with the wall. Then when your about to cum you smash her face through the wall. Then run around to the other room and cum allover her face.
"Hey man see that chick over there I gave her the spackler last night." /HIGHFIVE
by Hippie420 August 22, 2007
A person who gets scared a lot, derived from the term "spackle" meaning when the anus muscles relax and contract in rapid succession.

Also used as a derogatory term for the anally retentive.
Oh my, he's such a spackler
by FRS January 19, 2007
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