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flippin between myspace and facebook.
I'm spacebooking tonight, playing mafia at both myspace and facebook.
by samiam6977 August 29, 2009
checking or being on myspace and facebook at the same time
guy 1: hey chad, what are you doing?

chad: im spacebooking, i have new comments and new notifications, at the same time!
by Romagic March 31, 2008
v. boredom leading to wasted time on facebook with no rhyme or reason.
It was raining all day, I'm unmotivated as hell, I spent 7 hours spacebooking, I want to shoot myself in the face.
by Arbrefeu March 11, 2009
The act of arriving at a destination and running to the computer in order to check for your messages, comments, picture comments, but not blog comments on myspace, and then checking for new notifications and friend request on your facebook. Spacebooking can occur by yourself or with others. Spacebooking is highly addictive and can cause cancer.

-Ryan, quit your spacebooking so we can go get some chicken
by SpacebookBITCH October 12, 2007
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