Quite literally means being raped by Russian Cosmonauts and or other space-residing entities. However an alternative meaning could mean being raped by space itself (asteroids, high levels of radiation, no oxygen, etc).
a) John hasn't been the same since he was space raped by that Cosmonaut. Now he doesn't go to bed without his waxed replica doll of Lenin.

b) A sure-fire way to get space-raped is stepping outside the space station for a walk without a helmet.
by Reqruiem May 17, 2009
Top Definition
The general action(s) that consists of one or more individuals invading someone's personal space without their expressed permission.
1) That girl has no respect for personal boundaries and always space rapes the poor individuals standing near her.

2) Jon unknowingly makes everyone so uncomfortable. He space rapes people by standing much too close.
by Leslie C. January 05, 2009
Space rape is a simple action when some dumb ass alien hobos rape you for fun.
It is not mandatory that they are hobos, but it most situations that is the case.
A very very common situation you can get yourself in while sucking your won dick.
American Dad conversation :
Stan: We will never know what happened to Jeff.

Roger: Space Rape
by kurzavas August 07, 2013
A ravaging state of rape, induced by the influx of hormones of learning about space in a way that can only be taught by an amateur philosopher
Jess wanted to Space Rape me so bad when I was teaching her about black holes in the kitchen the other night
by Jeebazus September 03, 2013
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