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Luring girls to the rooftop pool to get them drunk and attempt to get them back to a guys place.
The Cric gets the hot chicks everytime.

John invited a bunch of girls over and is gonna hit
em with The Cric.
by Missyknowsall September 14, 2009
When someone invades your personal space and talks to you right up against your face.
This guy totally space raped me. He was totally wasted and kept rubbing his nose up against mine while he hit on me. He's such a space raper.
by Missyknowsall September 14, 2009
Someone who stalks and performs cyber rape on facebook or other social media networking sites, looking at peoples pictures and masturbating to them
He is a total Cyber Perp aka Cyber Perpretrator he said he spent an hour cyber stalking my facebook page and masturbating.
by Missyknowsall September 14, 2009
When someone urinates in your butt during sex.
I'm going to water balloon that chick later. A nice warm stream right in her butt.
by Missyknowsall September 15, 2009

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